Exterios is a convenient decentralized exchange for the user
For convenience of using the purchase and management of the tokens, additional. functional is available in the personal account of the investor.
Funds collected

16044.20 ETH

Funds collected

1249.76 BTC

Tokens sold

64590283.27 EXTR

Until the end of the main ICO remains
Bonus 10%
Pre-Sale ICO Tokens
Start date

September 03, 2018

End date

Oct 05, 2018

Main Sale ICO Tokens
Start date

Nov 02, 2018

End date

December 03, 2018

Who we are

About us
Exterios is a platform which is built on blockchain technology for convenient quick trading, buying and selling of crypto currency. We use the most advanced technologies to create a truly unique platform. Our uniqueness is in our manufacturability. Indicators and tools for working with charts and technical analysis of the market. The functionality of the trading platform allows you to set stop loss and take profit at the same time. As it is being implemented, EXTERIOS will become a unique project among other similar, due to its convenience and the latest technologies.

Our advantages

BitShares 2.0 - basic EXTERIOS functional
At the first stage of business development, we want to create a reliable, convenient and multifunctional crypto-exchange decentralized exchange on the BitShares 2.0 platform with the integration of the full functionality of the best non-decentralized exchanges.
Increased functionality

The huge advantage of EXTERIOS over all centralized and decentralized exchanges will be increased functional, allowing traders to perform take profit and stop loss at the same time.

The technical advantages of the BitShares 2.0 platform are naturally reflected in significantly better economic indicators, and first of all in the cost of commission for the transaction, which is minimal for today.

API for integrating exterior applications and services with the EXTERIOS platform day.

Ease of use

The EXTERIOS exchange will be maximally outgoing, convenient for professional players and friendly for beginners:

  • convenient graphics with the ability to use the necessary tools for technical analysis of the market,

  • A convenient GUI, compatible with most modern browsers,

  • a mobile application for Android and IOs for the convenience of all users, and for prompt response to the market,

  • wide choice of trading indicators, convenient and multifunctional interface.

Confidentiality and decentralization

EXTERIOS stands for complete confidentiality and decentralization.

Decentralization provides stability against accidental failures and deliberate attacks by intruders. In case if the work of the centralized exchange is violated, the consequences simultaneously affect all participants. In a decentralized exchange, any cyber attack or failure affects only one user or a small group of users, but not all participants.

High security

Multi-user control will be implemented on the platform - a significant contribution to the overall security, which if properly used can virtually eliminate the risk of theft of funds due to the hacking of a separate account.

A hardware purse is being developed for cold storage of crypto-currencies and tokens,

All data is stored in the blockchain in an encrypted form, and can be accessed only by persons who own a private key.

Our plans

Flexible planning methodology to support strategic and long-term development.
  • September 03, 2018 completed
    Launching of the pre-sale.
  • September 2018 completed
    Preparation of the main functional of the exchange, design.


  • September 2018 completed
    Introduction of the mentioned advantages. Preparation for start and test EXTERIOS on the BitShares base engine.
  • October 2018 processing
    Testing EXTERIOS and its functional.
  • November 02, 2018 processing
    Launching of the main ICO.
  • November 2018 processing
    Development of a mobile exchange application.
  • November 2018 processing
    Launching MVP and testing EXTERIOS on the BitShares base engine.
  • December 2018 processing
    Registration of the first 1000 users for system testing.
  • January 2019 realization
    Full-featured launching of the EXTERIOS system.
  • January 15-25, 2019 realization
    Listing EXTR token on five exchanges.
  • February - March 2019 realization
    Development of its own hardware cryptopurse for cold storage of crypto-currencies and tokens.
  • March 20-25, 2019 realization
    Launching of the hardware wallet.
  • April 2019 realization
    Adding of a new functional to the stock exchange, and introducing of margin trading.
  • May 2019 realization
    The first burning of EXTR tokens.
  • June - August 2019 realization
    Development of its own blockchain platform based on the EXTR token.
  • September - October 2019 realization
    Testing the own platform to speed up and improve the work of the exchange.
  • November - December 2019 realization
    Transition to own engine EXTR 2.0
  • January 2020 realization
    Transition to a completely new functional of the exchange acceleration and improvement of the trading system.

Our team

The leadership team
We are ideologists. Our vision of the future differs from others. The main task for us is to make a convenient and technological exchange, which will become our creation. Creation, which first of all will be useful for the crypto community.
  • Yasuyuki Matsumora


  • Marika Terada

    Marketing and PR

  • Minoru Kosumi

    Co-founder and Developer

  • Azuma Harada

    Front-end developer

  • Hiroshi Isawa


  • Takashi Oyadomari


  • Masahiro Onogawa


  • Karibe Uchiyama


  • Tatsuya Usui


  • Mariko Hisako



Information for investors
The EXTEROS team thought for a long time how to accept investments properly in order to satisfy not only investors from different countries, but investors with different financial possibilities. Our team made the following decision: We accept investments from anywhere in the world in order to scale the decentralized EXTERIOS The limit for investments per person is no more than 100 BTC As we appreciate all investors, regardless of their capital, the main task is to scale the stock of Exterios as well as the comfort for our clients. We made the minimum investment of 0.1 ETH, so that everyone could participate in the creation of a platform for the future.

Our documentation

More detailed and exhaustive information is found on the pages of the white sheet. READ WHITEPAPER
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