Frequently Asked Questions
Exterios crypto currency exchange registration is open now! It is available through the personal investor account.
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  • What coins can I buy Exterios tokens for ?

    In the personal cabinet the list of coins accepted for purchases is available.
  • What is the deadline for entering tokens in my account after purchase?

    From a few minutes to 24 hours.
  • What if the tokens are not passed?

    Passing to the account should occur automatically if you did everything correctly. Write to us on the mail, if it did not happen within 24 hours t.
  • Is there a discount when you buy?

    If there is any discount, it is indicated on the exterios.com website.
  • What is the minimum amount of investment?

    The minimum amount of investment is equal to the value of the 1st EXTERIOS token in the relevant currency on the date of your purchase.
  • Converting to tokens?

    Conversion occurs automatically depending on the currency / digital assets with the help of which you made the purchase.
  • Is the entering the stock exchange planned?

    The implementation time for this functional is January 2019. Follow the information on exterios.com and on the social networks EXTERIOS.
  • Where, how and when can I get tokens?

    After the implementation of the main mechanism of the exchange you will be able to exchange, withdraw EXTERIOS tokens to any other crypto currency.
  • What should I do if my tokens are not displayed in my account?

    Verify that the transaction was successfully completed by logging into your account. Check the status of the purchase. The tokens are automatically passed, but it depends on the operation of the system through which you purchased them. If you are sure that the transaction was made, but you still did not receive your tokens within 24 hours, write to the support service on the site or to us at the mail: [email protected]
  • When will EXTERIOS be launched?

    Follow the information on exterios.com and on the social networks EXTERIOS.
  • How long will the ICO last?

    The time of the ICO is from 02.11.2018 to 03.12.2018.
  • On which exchanges will the EXTERIOS token be traded?

    The token will immediately be traded on the EXTERIOS stock exchange. Then on the great exchanges, such as Livecoin, YOBT, KuCoin. The next stage is the access to large stock exchanges.
  • What will happen with the not sold tokens on the ICO?

    The remained tokens will be destroyed - "burned".
  • Where can I go if there is no answer to my question on this list?

    To solve the issues, you can write to the mail.
  • You can not register because of an error.

    If the problem lasts for some time, please write to the support team.
  • What should I do if I have registered but lost my password?

    In this case, you need to use the password recovery page.
  • Do I need to register if I invested and made a purchase of tokens through a smart contract?

    It is necessary to create an account in the personal office of the investor and mention the address of the ETH purse when registering.
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